Final 2018-19 scheduled meeting...

Hello All,

As I'm sure you are all aware…. Our trails are closed; but our work is far from over. We have to summerize the equipment as well as give our trail network a good going over to assess the winter's damages. 

We hope to have at least inspected everything prior to our last scheduled meeting on April 9th. If you can make it, come along. We are always open to fresh input.

The next meeting is at Emma's 321 in Rindge staring at 7 PM. Hope to see you there.

Thank you,

Steve Kottke

President, Monadnock Sno-Moles

2020 Annual SnoMoles' Cookout & Poker Run

  • 03 April 2019 |
  • Published in Events
Scene from the 2019 Cookout & Poker Run

To see more pictures from the cookout, click here

This page will be updated as information is made available.


  • DATE:

The Snomoles' Annual Cookout and Poker Run will be:  TENTATIVELY  February 15th, 2020. 

  • Cookout (food) donations:

Plenty of time to think of a dish to bring for next year's cookout!

  • The Poker Run:

Details to come....

  • Care to help?

We could always use help. Come to a meeting... 2nd Tuesday of the month starting in September.

  • Thank you for your interest in our event.

This is our clubs primary fund raiser for the year. Funds raised aid in equipment, repairs, fuel and materials mostly.

Things to remember!

Hello All,


As we are sure you are all aware…. Snow is in the forecast! A good amount too. As conditions allow we will be out with the groomers. We have had work parties out to clear the trails but there may be trails that we did not get to. Please keep this in mind. There may be obstructions so drive cautiously.


Without a base, there may be some spots resembling early season conditions throughout our system! We do not recommend traveling across any bodies of water at this time as ice thicknesses are unknown. Be careful…. Use your heads.


Any water bars that do show up will be filled as conditions permit. Just be aware they may be out there. Let’s hope for all the snow they are forecasting so we can get all of our trails in great shape. Groomers will be on the trails so be aware at all times!


Remember: Stay on the trails or stay home!


Any issues can be reported to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you,

Steve Kottke

President, Monadnock Sno-Moles