Opening our Trails

Getting out in front of the issue....

December 15th is the EARLIEST we can open our trails (gates). The other factor aside from just the date, is snow amounts. The state has the ultimate say in whether we can open them or not as the State of NH Bureau of Trails has jurisdiction over the “Rails to Trails” and Annett State Forest portions of our trail system. That's a large portion of our system too. Their ruling is the gates will remain closed until there is a minimum 8 inches of maintainable snow base. Once we hit that magic number we will have the gates open and get our groomers running.

I know that it is hard seeing the trails with 6 inches of snow on them and the gates closed, but the clubs have rules they have to follow as well.

Thanks for your understating,

Monadnock Sno-Moles


Bridge at White's Pit

Bridge at White's Pit
The new temporary bridge crossing the river at White's pit is installed. Looks good too! Big thanks to Bruce Coll for getting this thing placed and all the rest that helped get the approaches installed. This will make a world of difference crossing the river there.
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