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Thank you for opting to join the Monadnock SnoMoles!

New for the 2020-2021 season, all online memberships will now be done through our portal on the NHSA's website.

This is an all new site for the NHSA and we believe previous accounts were not carried over. That means you "may" have to create your account again. Easy, your old info wasn't deleted and it should pop up and ask you if you which info you want to use. Once you choose the info, it populates all the fields for you.

Try to login with your email and if it comes up "account not found" then click the "create an account" link and follow the online instructions.


  --For a printable paper membership form to join through the mail; use the Join Here menu above & choose "Join Through the Mail".--


  • Click the "Snomoles Membership Online" link below to go to the NHSA site. 


Snomoles Membership Online CLICK HERE


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