What We Do

Though we are a “Snowmobile” club, our trail system, which reaches from Greenville, NH to Swanzey, NH, is used throughout the year by folks from all around. In the winter, we groom and maintain nearly 100 miles of the finest snowmobile trails that Southern New Hampshire has to offer. We also have to make sure those trails are accessible. (Think Ice Storm of 2008!) We have to see to it that those trails are free and clear of any obstructions before we can think of sending out our groomers. We sign our trail system each year and erect snow fences to prevent trail departures to places that are off limits. (It’s a hindrance to some, but a must for our generous landowners.) In the summer time we are not off as some might think a snowmobile club would be. (Slower yes, but not off.) We get our trimming done, our bridges built or repaired, and take care of repairing any water issues we have. Summer is when the hikers, horses and bicyclists take over the trails. Below are a few topics the club would like to touch upon.




Grooming Costs

Grooming is one of the largest costs a snowmobile club faces. Between the repair costs, which nobody can foresee, and the cost of fuel, it is a never ending battle to keep them running. We have 4 large tractor sized groomers and 1 snowmobile style that groom nearly 100 miles of trails. Together they average about $4,000 per year in fuel alone.



Our volunteers are our lifeblood! Our trails require a lot of work each and every year in maintenance alone. Then, there are the improvements as well as repairs, from bridge building/repair to brush cutting to hanging up information and trail signs. Our volunteers coordinate our fund raisers and run our club as well. Some of our members even donate their time working the NHSA grass drags to raise funds for the club.



We have an annual family cook-out sometime in February that we partner with our poker-run that draws people in from all over New England. This has been a huge success. We also volunteer our time at NHSA events which the NHSA in turn donates proceeds back into our club. Several smaller raffles and events are held throughout the year as well.


Join the Club

Joining our club helps. Your membership dues are directed right back into your trail system. As mentioned here in the other sections, materials, fuel and supplies all cost significant amounts of money. Memberships dues are applied to all of these costs.  Join our club, please! It does help and it's the right thing to do.

  • Expanding Snowmobiling.

    Our hope is to grow our sport into one that many more people can get to enjoy through greater access.

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Monadnock Sno-Moles is to promote a safe environment for the enjoyment of snowmobiling in the Monadnock Region of Cheshire County, and surrounding communities, located in Southern New Hampshire.

  • Our policy...

    The organization's policy is to remain nonsectarian and nonpartisan as well as abstaining from any labor or political affiliations.