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Thank you for opting to join the Monadnock SnoMoles!

As a reminder, all Smomole online memberships are now done through our portal on the NHSA's website. (Link at bottom of page.)

Streamlined, simple and fast!


  • Designed for mobile devices; though desktops and tablets work fine too
  • Simplified process to join the Snomoles
  • Access personalized discount voucher anytime
  • Easy password reset

Tips for Logging In

  • Use the same email as last year and enter your password
  • Not sure? Enter your email at the "Sign In" with NO password and click Sign In.

ERROR "Account Not Found" = (double check your email address) This error means that email has no account associated with it. See * below.

ERROR "Invalid Password" means the email you entered is no good, you need to enter your password now. Enter password and click Sign In.

If you forgot your password click "I Forgot My Password" and follow the online instructions.

Confirmation code will be sent to your email.

* If your email returns "ACCOUNT NOT FOUND" then click the "create an account" link and follow the online instructions.


  --For a printable paper membership form to join through the mail; use the Join Here menu above & choose "Join Through the Mail".--


  • Click the "Snomoles Membership Online" link below to go to the NHSA site. 


Snomoles NHSA portal for Online Memberships CLICK HERE


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