Trail Work Parties

At the meeting this month, we discussed trying weekly work details to fill in between our larger parties. So, we decided to have one of our Trail Masters present each Sunday to take any and all volunteers out to do trail work beginning October 2nd. The meeting location will be The Hometown Diner at 8:30 AM. Arrive early if you plan on eating! The guys will know what spots need attention and depending on the size of the crew and the equipment at hand, will determine where the group(s) will head. So if you can, bring some tools. Pole saws, chain saws, loppers etc. As long as you are "maintaining" the trails, ATV's are allowed as well.

We really hope you can set aside a few hours for the club every now and again. The trails need it and you'll appreciate it much more when you're them this winter.

Thanks in advance,

The Sno-Moles

Last modified on Thursday, 04 January 2018 18:16
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