2016-17 Trail Openings

The opening of the trails.....


Currently, our trails are closed. With more snow forecast for tomorrow (12/17/16) we will have to see what results from it. The State says the gates will remain closed until there is a minimum 8 inches of maintainable snow base. Once that is confirmed, the Bureau of Trails will

contact the club and give the OK to open our gates. Once we hit that magic number- we will have the gates open and get our groomers running. Keep in mind they are calling for a major warm-up following the snow. What would be best for our trails would be to let the groomers get out (providing we get enough snow) and let them set up the trails.

ALSO.... NONE of the lakes or ponds on our system are safe yet. Use extreme caution.


Thanks for your understating,

Monadnock Sno-Moles

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